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A Visual History


Looking into the Future

1960 was the beginning of the era of Space Age technology. Inspired by space travel in 1961, Cardin gave fashion a constructive and futuristic look. New materials such as plastics and synthetics were developed. Due to the sharp rise in price of leathers, designers started to experiment with these new materials. Further Cardin raised skirts 4 inches above the knee and plunged necklines back and front to below the navel. His designs revealed a strong designer. Cardin took the unisex jumpsuit and created a wardrobe for the future, unveiling his “Cosmocorps” line.


Cardin presents dresses and coats with kimono style sleeves and large round cut-outs. Opening of the ‘Espace Pierre Cardin complex in Paris. This center is dedicated to exhibiting the work of young artists and creative people. This space has become a mecca for creative events in Paris. L'Espace Pierre Cardin consists of a 673 seat theatre, 1200 square meters of function rooms and gardens overlooking the Champs-Elysees accommodating 100 to 1000 people.